Bible Verse of the Month

Bible Verse of the Month: Hebrews 11:6

But without faith it is impossible to please him: for he that cometh to God must believe that he is, and that
he is a rewarder of them that diligently seek him.

Friday, March 22, 2013

A New Adventure

      Finally, after all those bitter winter months, it is the beginning of Spring... and it has snowed.  Oh well, at least the first day of Spring was warm and Springy!  I am so excited about Spring, it's my favorite time of year... well, at least until allergy season arrives, but none of us want to think about that, do we?  I am making garden plans, playing with the four goat kids, studying, writing lots, and thinking even more.
      Spring is such a bright, happy time of year, when all things seem newer, and better than ever before.  Spring is a good time for me to reflect, and think about where I am headed in my life, where I want to go, and where my Heavenly Father wants me to go.  It can also be a restless time, when I just want to make up my mind, so I can plan out my entire life one minute, and then I want to leave the whole an open blank page the next... a blank page waiting to be filled with adventures!  Did I mention I love adventures?
      Sometimes though I feel kind of trapped, held down by my past sins and former habits, so that I can't move on, and do what Jesus wants me to do.  I felt that way recently, when I read something which helped me to believe that the trap I illusioned, was an illusion.  I am not being held down by past mistakes, because their ties no longer have any hold on me.
      For sin shall not have dominion over (me) : for (I am) not under the law, 
but under grace. Romans 6:14 
      (I am) a new creature: old things have passed away; behold all things are become new.  
2 Corinthians 5:17
      As far as the east is from the west, so far hath he removed (my) transgressions from (me.) 
Psalm 103:12
      Do you know how far the east is from the west?

How far is the east from the west?
'Cause I can't bear to see the man I've been,
rising up in me again.
In the arms of your mercy I've found grace,
'cause you know just how far the east is from the west,
from one scarred hand to the other.
- Casting Crowns

      No matter how far I walk east, I will never reach the west.  My old ways and habits have passed away, and sin no longer has dominion over me.  I can choose to be a new creature this new Spring season, and make the old part of the past winter.  With God's help I can make new choices, build new habits, and make Him, (not myself) the center of my life.
      It isn't that our sins are holding us back, it's that we are holding on to our sins!  We feel so safe in our past, comfortable because we know what to expect, but if we never leave we will never fully realize our true God-given potential.  If we never travel forward, into the dangerous unknown road called "change" then we will never know what we're missing.  We'll be standing still, gazing down the road, while life passes us by, wishing we can follow, and see what lies ahead.  There are no chains that can bind us, so what are we waiting for? 
      Life is an adventure, and a ride we don't want to miss.  I am going to try and let go this Spring, and see what God has in store for those who are brave enough to change.  I'm going on an adventure!
- What about you? 

 - Are you holding yourself back? 

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  1. Hi Mallory,
    Thanks for sharing these verses with us and how the Lord has been speaking to you lately! It's good to hear that from a blogger. It's often easy for all bloggers to get caught into just writing posts for entertainment or other topics of interest, and write very few posts with meditations on Scripture, so I appreciate when you write these posts. I meant to comment on your previous one also where you listed what God does/is for you.

    Yes, my dad was talking to my siblings and I today along the same lines- that we have to remember our righteousness in Christ. We have to stop focusing on our own "righteousness", on how we can become better before God- and remember that God looks at us through His Son, Jesus.
    That way we don't focus on our sin and temptations, but leave that behind and always look ahead at Him.

  2. Hey Rebekah,

    I'm so glad you like my post! It means so much to me to know that others care about these things. The subject is one that is very close to my heart, and I'm not used putting myself out there like this, so it was very encouraging to read your comment! The main reason I started my blog was to share with others, and use my love of writing to honor God by writing posts like this one. I also began this blog because I am not perfect in the least, nor am I an expert on the things of God, but I am learning the things I write about, and learning from other bloggers like you. Thanks!

  3. Hi Mallory,

    You're invited to participate in the "interview a blogger challenge" I started on my blog! I'm quite excited about it. Please visit this link for more details:

    Your friend,

  4. Hi Mallory,

    I don't know if my previous comment got through, but you're invited to participate in the "interview a blogger challenge" I started on my blog. Please visit this link:


    1. Hey Rebekah,

      Your "interview a blogger challenge" sounds like fun! Thanks for inviting me:) I had sort of disappeared from the blog world lately, busy with more baby goats, selling baby goats, selling chickens, shopping for warm weather clothes, and ballet rehearsals, and had just got back to blogging again when you posted your comments! I plan to answer the questions you gave me on my blog today, and look forward to reading the other bloggers answers as well.



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